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    BLIPS Version 5 is a desktop or LAN based system for clinical assessment and monitoring progress of Lupus patients. BLIPS utilises five international indices BILAG, SLICC, Selena Sledai, SLAM-R and SF36. BLIPS stores, calculates, reports and graphs - Patients Scores, Laboratory Results and Medication history.


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  • i-BLIPS


    BLIPS Version 6, is the internet version of BLIPS, better known as i-BLIPS. With i-BLIPS clinicians all over the world can collaborate in academic studies, clinical trials or national lupus registries. Alternatively our low cost academic option allows individual clinics a viable way to store lupus history of their patients.


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  • SilverBLIPS


    BLIPS Version 7 is the latest internet based version of BLIPS, based on Microft Silverlight technology for a richer user interface. It uses the same i-BLIPS database engine, but adds several new indices and more colaborative functiionality such as individual assessment locking, edit checks on data and training and exam interfaces.


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  • BLIPS Direct

    BLIPS Direct

    BLIPS Direct is an optional service which can be used with SilverBLIPS. It allows clinicians the ability to send patients a link to complete self assessments, eg SF36 or LupusQOL, on line from their own computer as part of regular patient care or a specific study. BLIPS Direct can be customised to deliver any patient assessment.


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  • BLIPS Certify

    BLIPS Certify

    Due to the complexities, intricacies and nuances of the major SLE indices, Eg BILAG 2004, SLICC, SLEDAI SLAM-R etc, it is becoming increasingly necessary to offer training, testing and certification to ensure that assessment rules are correctly observed and consistently applied in studies. BLIPS Certify offers online assessment training by video or slideshow, plus online examinations tailored to the required indices, Custom tests can be developed for any training situation.


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    MITAX is a revolutionary clinical assessment system for the disease myositis, proposed by Professor Isenberg at University College London. Utilising BILAG style assessments, this index monitors the activit of the disease. The BLIPS MITAX sytem also includes the MMT and the MDI damage index and can be used in conjuction with other indices such as SF-36 for Quality of Life assessments. The MITAX system is available separatelt from or integrated with the SLE Indices in SilverBLIPS.


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    Many pharmaceutical companies prefer to use their own systems in clinical trials. However they often lack the time or experience or resource to develop and validate complex autoimmune indices such as BILAG and other indices. BLIPS API provides such companies with an interface to the SilverBLIPS scoring engine to allow data to be collected in remote stystems, and scored in the validated SilverBLIPS system, and the results transferred back to the remote system.


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  • BLIPS Source Code

    Blips Source Code

    For use only in clinical trials, where a company policy dictates theuse their own systems in clinical trials. Clinical programmers often lack the experience of BILAG or other lupus indices to program it successfully themselves. In such cases ADS-Limathon will licence the VBA, .Net or Java source code to allow such companies to successfully incorporate BILAG or other calculations into their own systems. The BILAG source code comes complete with over 15,000 individual test scores.


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